Halide Functional group transformation

Halide Functional group transformation lists all halide involved transformation to help students while the organic synthesis of molecules. Malonic ester synthesis The alkylation of malonic ester enolates with various organic halides and the subsequent decarboxylation of the alkylated products to yield substituted acetic acid derivatives. organic halides here is 1° and 2° alkyl halides and […]

Stereospecific Reactions

This article Stereospecific Reactions mentions properties and their types based on mechanism and starting material stereochemistry. What are the properties of Stereospecific reactions? Different types of Stereospecific reactions? E2 eliminations from cyclohexanes EXAMPLE 1 Reactant stereochemistry: equatorial substituted cyclohexane Mechanism: anti-periplanar transition state Product stereochemistry: No product Reason: equatorial C-X anti-periplanar to two equatorial C-C […]

Inductive Effect: Execution in Organic Chemistry

This article details what is Inductive Effect and its Execution in Organic Chemistry. what is Inductive Effect? The covalent bond between the two atoms with dissimilar electronegativity, electron pair forming the bond is never shared absolutely equally. But is attracted a little more towards the more electronegative atom. Such a covalent bond is known as […]